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Spice Grinding.


About Finamill

Revolutionizing Flavor: The Finamill Story

At Finamill, we recognize the essence of robust spices lies in their oils, and the key to unlocking their full potential is freshly grinding them. Bid farewell to the laborious crushing of spices with our innovative electric grinder, Finamill, introducing a paradigm shift in spice grinding.


Making Everyday just Easy

Easy to Use

One mill, limitless flavor options with a simple change of a spice pod. Single hand operation, that grinds many spices beyond salt and pepper with no flavor mixing. Easy and fun!

Magic Pods

Our award-winning products feature clean lines, balance, proportion, and unity between functionality and visual impact.

Freshly Grounded Flavor

Get the goodness of fresh ground spices, regardless of whole spice shape, size, and hardness, with FinaMill, at the push of a button.

Great meals begin with great spices.

The idea for FinaMill begins with dinner parties. My wife Sophia and I enjoy cooking for our two children, and we love to entertain. Whether it’s a family or a whole community, we believe building bonds happens best over a shared meal.

Our Product Range

I bought this for my wife and she loved it. Quality better than I expected. Love the one click operation and also the ease of swapping of spices.

AbigleFinamill Grinder

Been using around a month and so far this is the best grinder ever owned, well worth the extra cost. Quick and easy to swap pods for salt, pepper or spice. The grind on pepper compared to other grinders owned is a 100 times better

AndyFinamill Grinder

I've been relying on this spice grinder for the past few weeks, and let me tell you, it's been nothing short of exceptional.

BarchamFinamill Grinder

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