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Magnetic - Paper that Clings to Anything

About Magnetic Notes

Why Magnetic was born.

To give the world a new generation of paper that is truly worthy of the 21st century. Inspired by the great inventor Nikola Tesla’s experiments with static electricity, the team ran hundreds of experiments of its own.


Making Everyday just Easy

Limitless Stickiness

Experience the freedom of endless possibilities with Tesla Amazing’s Magnetic—a revolution in stickiness.

Erasable, Reusable

Tesla Amazing’s Magnetic isn’t just paper; it’s your writable, erasable, and reusable companion in the digital age.

Versatility Redefined Note-Taking

Use it for brainstorming, mind mapping, planning, teaching, decorating, and more.

Innovating Sticky Solutions for the Digital Age

Magnetic, a statically charged polypropylene film that clings to any smooth, dry surface without glue. It's not just paper; it's a writable, erasable, and reusable marvel. Whether you're unleashing creativity, brainstorming, or leaving notes, Magnetic's sleek surface, beautiful handwriting compatibility, and environmentally friendly nature make it the versatile solution you've been waiting for.

Our Product Range

I did purchase this almost a month ago and was not sure initially how durable it will be; shocking to my expectations this has been a really great product. I do use it on my white board as small notes to my research work. Great durability, one month and it is still hanging there.

MohammedMagnetic Pad

Having to frequently write lengthy essays these are amazing for sorting my ideas. As I stumble upon a new way of addressing my issue, I can easily swipe the cards along the wall with my ideas in a new order to reflect my current approach. An easily updated mind map if you will.

SMMagnetic Board

It sticks to almost any surface, and you can write and erase on the plain side. A definite recommendation with great price range.

JessicaMagnetic Notes

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