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Innovative, convenient solutions for your home

About THAT!

Your guide to living the good life.

THAT! Invention transforms the ordinary into extraordinary by crafting innovative tools that seamlessly integrate into daily life. The core belief that drives us is to make life a bit easier, and each patented tool reflects our commitment to creating solutions that, once used, become indispensable in the rhythm of daily living.


Making Everyday just Easy

Our mission, our obsession is to create new tools to make life just a little bit easier.

Smart Engineering

We don’t just make products look good by changing handles or adding colours. There’s science behind each and every product.

Modern Design

Our award-winning products feature clean lines, balance, proportion, and unity between functionality and visual impact.

Premium Quality

We spare no expenses to use either our own composites and alloys or the highest-quality materials we can find.

An Accidental Start

THAT! Invention was born out of a simple desire to ease everyday struggles, one ingenious solution at a time. It all began with the creation of a butter spreader, inspired by the cries of little ones upset over torn toast. From there, our product range expanded organically, addressing personal challenges faced by our team.

Our Product Range

This quick food defrosting tray is a life saver. You come home from work and realize you forgot to take meat out to defrost, well now I put my meat on this tray and it doesn't take long and I'm making supper. I love this tray, I use it almost daily.

Brenda LeeThawTHAT!

This scooper is awesome, makes it easier to scoop, it cuts right through the ice cream. I love it!

Lvi LopezScopTHAT!

We used this for guests at wedding to help themselves to cold foods. They are upscale, hold just the right amount of appetizers, cheese and meat, etc. that you would want a guest to take (at least the first time). And they hand-washed up quite nicely. I use the wooden board separately to serve pita bread and a dipping sauce.

MaximilianChill Platter

This knife performed as promised. I love it. I can now easily spread butter and peanut butter. A great solution to spreading refrigerated butter.

Sharon RussellSpreadTHAT!

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